smog dyno

The dyno first weighs the vehicle. Then the dyno enters is ASM testing which adds load and simulates on road driving conditions.

evap machine

The evap machine checks for gas leaks from the evap canister to the filler neck of the gas tank. This is only used for vehicles year 1995 and older.

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ois smog machine

The new Ois dad smog machine replaces the bar 97 and the dyno. It is only for vehicles that are year 2000 and newer. The dad system checks for check engine light codes, pending codes, and readiness monitors.

Bar 97 smog machine

The bar 97 is connected to a loaded dyno and a Obd2 computer system which connects to your cars computer. The bar 97 measures the vehicles Hc, co, noX, co2 and o2 emissions. The obd2 computer checks for check engine lights and readiness of monitors.