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Francesca., Malibu

My car needed a smog check and I was dreading it.  I moved to Malibu a few years back. Everything is expensive in Malibu and I left my trusting mechanic far, far away in a land called South Gate. I was referred to a place in Thousand Oaks to do simple things like oil changes. But my car never really felt right and I was afraid to go back or anywhere else. Something like an impending simple smog check made me stress out. I decided that there had to be an easy way to get my car what it needed and not be ripped off.

Luckily, I found a coupon online and great reviews on Yelp for Joe's Gas and Smog. I was happy to find the location was the station where I make the drive to gas up because the gas is the cheapest within 30 miles from me. And the old school Texaco vibe is awesome!

First, I was impressed with Jahan.  A young, bright and articulate business owner who was savvy at his job. I had to run to the DMV and of course was in a hurry. He had me on my way in about 10 minutes.

Afterward, I told him about some issues with my car and he referred me to a local place that fixed it quickly and inexpensively.

I recommend Jahan to everyone! I can't say enough good things about him. The peace I have from not worrying about my car, even if it breaks down is priceless. I know he has my back.


source: yelp

James R.

I can't recommend Joe's Gas & Smog highly enough. I suppose I should be specific, my dealings have been with the smog side of things which is separate from the gas station. That said the girl who works the gas counter and collects the smog fees is courteous and friendly. I'd first come here about 1.5 years ago with my aging Volvo S80 which failed, I knew I probably needed a new cat and the owner Mort confirmed my suspicions and referred me to a shop that replaced the cat at a very reasonable price. I came back for my free re-test and passed with flying colors.

Today the business is owned by his son Jahan and I'm happy to report that the apple does not fall far from the tree. He's every bit as courteous as his father and we had a great time wisecracking about the shop in Westlake that tried to fleece me for a bunch of unneeded repairs. My '95 Chevy Suburban beater had 260,000 miles. I needed a smog and I took it to a shop that was recommended by a friend because it was closer to work. That guy was a total scam artist, the car failed (legitimately) and I wasn't surprised. However he started in real fast with the, "this is wrong, that's wrong, this is missing, that's missing, that cat isn't cali legal etc..." if his head were any farther up his a$$ he'd be seeing last nights dinner. I knew immediately to run away. He suggested a new catalytic converter which cost about $240 and gave me a card for his buddy's shop...yeah right. I went home and started poking around and within the first 15 minutes I'd confirmed none of the parts he claimed were missing were in fact missing and furthermore the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve was frozen solid...wouldn't move. I ordered the part and installed it, cost me all of $60 for an ACDelco OEM part, changed the oil and ran over to Joe's Gas & Smog.

Well guess what? The car passed just fine...saved myself $180 and frankly had I changed the cat alone it probably would have failed and I'd have had to buy a new EGR on top of a replaced cat I didn't even need! Furthermore I got out of Joe's Gas & Smog for less than $60 with the certificate!!! The other guy wanted $60 for the test, $10 because it's a 96 or older (OBD1 car) plus $10 for the certificate and an additional $15 because it's an SUV...and THEN he wanted $30 additional per retest if the car failed...UNREAL!!! Add in the unnecessary catalyst and I'd have had myself a $355 smog test!!! I'll take my $60 EGR and $60 test at Joe's any day...

Like Carlos M. says here, stay away from any places that can do repairs. Go to a test only shop and see if you even fail first. Have the repairs done by an uninterested party and then use your free re-test at Joe's to get your certificate. Too many shops are trying to stay open by fleecing unknowing customers, most folks wait to the last minute to smog and they know the clock is ticking; they have you over a barrel and desperate so you hand over $500~600 god only knows to get your smog and tags out of the way.